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Not long ago users visiting your website on mobile phones or tablets made up an insignificant percentage. Today that number is upwards of 15% and two years from now mobile phone based visits WILL BE the majority of your overall traffic. Mobile users expect a website to load in 3 seconds or less, be easy to navigate and offer mobile friendly features such as location, click to call and mobile friendly contact forms. If it doesn’t, a majority say they simply won’t return to the website nor recommend it to their friends. Does your website make the grade? If you answered no, we can help.

For a time, some thought .mobi sites were the answer, but in hindsight, they clearly made no sense at all. Building, maintaining and optimizing a separate site is a huge task in itself, and the fact of the matter is, the search engines still display your primary, PC optimized website at the top of the rankings, and that’s where mobile users are going to end up anyways. You may have been hearing the chatter about mobile apps – and sure, mobile apps are seeing tremendous growth, (and if you’re interested in mobile apps, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re successful, skilled Smart Phone app developers) but for most small businesses, building a mobile app, deploying it, and hoping people will find & download it simply won’t provide the ROI you’re looking for.

So just how exactly can you capitalize on the growing number of users that use their mobile as their primary internet device? Simple! Build an integrated, auto device detecting mobile extension of your existing website. We can offer you a simple, mobile optimized version of your website at a very affordable price. This site is setup as a sub-domain of your existing website (example m.yoursite.com) and when anyone on ANY mobile device visits your website, your site will automatically see that, and redirect the user to the mobile optimized version of your website. PC users will of course, just go right to the standard version of your website. We typically take the most popular 5 or 6 pages of your current website (Home, About, Products, Contact, FAQs, etc) to use in the new mobile version. Best of all, even if a user goes directly to one of those internal pages of your standard website (instead of going directly to the home page), they’ll still be redirected automatically to the mobile version.

Plus, since the mobile optimized pages are specifically designed for mobile, we also implement a Mobile optimized contact form that’s super fast and easy to use, a mobile specific Facebook Like button, Twitter & Google +1 modules, click to call phone numbers, and even Location Aware (via Google Maps) directions that can take the user straight from their current location right do your door (on Most GPS Capable mobile phones).

Using a mix of proven open source code as well as our own proprietary software we can quickly decide which version of the website we should display for each user. More importantly, you’ll see no additional loading time as a result of this, and your mobile visitors will see their page load times on average literally cut in half.

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Key Benefits of an Integrated Mobile Website

  • Specifically optimized for small mobile screens. No more scrolling left to right to view content, text is sized perfectly without the need to zoom.
  • Typically cuts page load times in half (vs your existing, non-optimized site)
  • Scalable (adaptive) & mobile optimized images
  • Page Transitions
  • Minified Javascript and CSS
  • Auto device detection means users of full screen devices see your existing website and users of mobile (small screen) devices are automatically directed to your mobile site
  • Matching internal pages are also setup to automatically redirect to the mobile version
  • Mobile optimized contact forms prevents you from missing leads
  • Mobile Site Maps for improved SEO
  • Click to call is built right in
  • Social Media integration, including Google +1, Facebook Like and Twitter
  • Zero compatiblity issues
  • Improved SEO – Your mobile site is setup as subdomain, and adds pages as well as content to your existing website.
  • Mobile optimized website is based on your existing site design and color scheme for a consistent look and feel.
  • Location aware! User can simply click a link and get instant directions from their current location to your doorstep!
  • Remote device Database ensures your auto device detection is always up to date and accurate.
  • Developed by the team responsible for Industry Dominating, Cutting Edge websites.

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